• So you’re suggesting that instead of bidding and buying this car, that the person with the money should forget the car, and instead, give a single dollar each to 35 million destitute people… Uh huh…

    • This is being touted as an auction record, not an all-time automobile record. Impossible to know the latter, as many reputed private sales in this territory have never been publicly confirmed. As for the value. Artcurial is making the claim that it is the highest recorded auction price, based on Euros or Sterling(!) as the Bonhams GTO sold in 2014 for £22,843,633, while the Bardinon 335 S, sold today for £24,693,782 or €32,075,200.

  1. John Hurabiell on

    Bogus claim, narrowed to a car purchased with Euros or Pounds Sterling. The GTO sold at auction in Monterey, 2014 remains The Record Holder. Trying to differentiate by currency used is bogus and disingenuous.

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