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    Douglas, Your a very lucky indeed. You never heard of what happened to Penskes winning Lola after the 24hrs of Daytona.The crew heading back up north stopped at some Dew Drop Inn motel where they ,rumor has it celebrated the win with a few beverages.Next morning “Holy Crap” the car had been hacked to death with the thieves having just cut out what they wanted.Needless to say so much for that one. It can happen to anyone,glad your results were better.Now I d like to know did they get the bastards?

    • Something similar happened to me, years ago. My partner and I were racing an SCCA GT-1 Corvette, and were heading to a race. Thursday night, we loaded the car into our enclosed trailer, and then backed the trailer into our shop in an area of town known as Gasoline Alley (because of all the racers who had shops there), locked up the shop and headed home. We had an aluminum tire rack attached to a fabricated metal frame that was bolted to the floor of the bed of our Chevy Crew Cab dually. The other racers nicknamed our truck “Bullwinkle”, if you need to visualize.

      We loaded up two new sets of Goodyear slicks, mounted on widened Corvette steelies, and secured them with an aluminum pipe and a chain and boomer (no lock). I parked the truck behind my house, and woke up the next morning to an empty tire rack! Chain and boomer were in a vacant lot behind the house, but eight wheels and tires were nowhere to be found.

      I reported it to the local police, called my partner, and headed down to the shop. The local Goodyear guy was actually in our shop complex, and was able to source us another set of tires, but for an SCCA Regional /National weekend (with no onsite tire vendor), we had to run Saturday on the old tires we trailered the car on, and then took the new tires into the only full-service gas station in town.

      Cops found one set of our slicks on a Firebird they busted in a street race about a month later, which lead to the discovery of the other flat-spotted set in the kid’s garage.

      Needless to say, as inconvenient as it was, tires never went home with me again.

      Congratulations on getting your car back!

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