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  1. The Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion IS NOT in jeopardy. Where’s the other side to this story? The County is making the change to help SAVE the event from SCRAMP’s continued mis-management of financials, staffing and facility. The current management team has chased out 24 top staff in the last 18 months, all of the primary players in the event, including founders Gill Campbell, Barry Toepke and Chief Participant Registrar Ardelle Lind all gone in the last six months.

    The County has poured over $5.5M into the facility over the past two years to start a long-term revitalization plan that includes a $20M Paddock revitalization. In 2019 the County laid out $725K for the new Turn 3 Rolex Driver’s Club to help launch the upcoming improvements plan and welcome the best group of participants on the planet.

    People need to understand that there are two sides to the SCRAMP organization – “SCRAMP the Business” and “SCRAMP the Volunteers”. In effort to help save and secure the long-term health of the vital volunteer base, the County began a direct contract with the SCRAMP Volunteer group to ensure that all earned time donations we met – where they normally haven’t been in the past under SCRAMP management. SCRAMP Volunteers are vital and extremely valued to the health and well-being to the long term success of Laguna Seca. The County has already taken steps to align with the group and guarantee their long-term survival. It’s the SCRAMP Business that is under fire.

    SCRAMP was given a 3-year deal in 2017 with the directive to fix the business at hand and align with the County’s proper management codes. Little has been done to meet those expectations and there has been plenty of press about the financial misgivings in the local media. The County had made requests as early as August 2018 for a new long-term proposal from SCRAMP to ensure due diligence in negotiations, but SCRAMP’s negotiation tactic was instead to delay submission of a proposal until the absolute last minute in the hopes of not giving the County a chance to look elsewhere. After repeated requests for proposal the County had no other choice but to look for another management firm.

    SCRAMP Management continues to put out misinformation about the negotiations when in fact that played their hand completely wrong, trying to strong-arm the County. SCRAMP was on the clock the day the current 3-year deal was signed and that should not have been a surprise to anyone.

    The health and well-being of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is a primary focus of the County and the new managements firm and is NOT in jeopardy.

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