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This survivor 1989 Irv Hoerr Oldsmobile Trans Am Race car with a winning history is available for the 2020 vintage race season. "Elvira," as Irv called this car, which he told me was his favorite out of the 2 cars they carried to each event of 1989 and '90 T/A season with the 2nd car being Lucille. Having SCCA pro logbook #89-074 and both cars being new for '89 this car went out and started its winning season by notching up the first of 4 wins in its first event it entered which was Long Beach. It also won at Cleveland, Brianerd, and St Petersburg and he finished the season in 2nd Place behind Dorsey Schroeder with 6 wins. Elvira also had 1 win and a 2nd place in 1990, as well as a very good qualifying record and many Fast 5 wins in both years as well. All details will be included in the Historic paperwork included with car. Irv sold the the whole team of both cars and factory Olds racing trailer at end of 1990 season as he was going to drive for Paul Gentlozzi in 1991. The guys who bought the whole team from Hoerr Racing was the winning Olympic Skiers Phil & Steve Mahre who had previously cut their teeth with the bigger car by driving the Newman Sharp racing Oldsmobile in selected events in 1989&90 when PLN was not driving and in 1990 Walter Payton also drove the Newman Sharp cars as well. The Mahre brothers in 1991 took both cars to the GT-1 runoffs in Road Atlanta and Phil won the race in Elvira and they went on to drive more Trans Am races around the country and then also did some IMSA races and SCCA events as well, until parking the cars in 1993 when Lucille was sold to the guys in Central America and this car raced a few more times and was parked until I found it .

This car was in really great shape when found so we were able to freshen up all major systems and replace only things found in inspection. All hydraulics, fuel, cooling, oil lines were completely replaced due to length of time it had sat which was 25 years. Engine was completely gone through with new parts and was only found to have had a blown headgasket. The original Buick V6 Engine Dynoed at 505 HP with 380 Pound feet of torque. Exhaust headers were in good shape and were thremo coated with ceramic coating as were other piping and mufflers. Early Jerico transmission had a magnesium case that was no longer supported so a newer version of the same transmission was sourced with the exact same gearing and the Hurst competition shifter was checked and gone through at same time. Also Clutch was all replaced with new parts at this time. Cooling system was pressure checked and cleaned. Brakes were gone through and rebuilt AP calipers and Wilwood rears were cleaned and rebuilt and master cylinders were replaced and a spare set of everything was purchased. Wherever possible we reused the original parts as long as they would be safe. The original Delco Racing shocks were sent to Nakke for rebuild and dyno setting also some of the hiem joints and front wheel bearings etc were replaced. A full containment seat was installed for additional safety, as well as fresh belts, the fuel cell was cleaned and the can was powdercoated and internal pumps were checked and are working perfect. We installed all new windows including a scratch resistant windshield. We have also made a new set of tin for the car to use on a second body
car comes with 2 sets of rims both cleaned and crack checked and lightly polished. This work was done so we could have Phil Mahre race the car at Monterey Historics in 2017's big Trans Am race grp where after not being in the car for 25 years, he finished 8th against a bunch of cars with much bigger engines.
The body on the car was very nice as I really enjoy historic patina and was fine with the few flaws and since the Mahre brothers never changed paint job and only installed different sponsor decals I have chosen to leave it as the 03 car but there are some pretty awesome options for a buyer that I can explain.

There is a very incredible collection of historical paperwork, memorabilia, clothing, hats, decals, magazines, and something very seldom seen all the GM wind tunnel test results from after '89 season for changes to be made for 1990 and after. This car is a true historic survivor that can easily become the Irv Hoerr car by making a second body from the molds that I have for this car. There is a very professional storyboard made for the car when at events. Also while racing at the 30th annv race at Long Beach, in 2019, Tommy Kendall was kind enough to come by and leave me a wonderful little story about the car when he had to race against it.

There is a substantial spares package of good used and new rare parts. A list can be sent as well as a more detailed list of work done to car. There is also a set of stands made to bolt under the car to be able to roll it around in the shop. If interested please call me at 760-940-6365 or 760-518-1801

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