1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 42 Roadster

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$ 200,000.00
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Chassis no. 2525294
Engine No. 325422

*One of Two Known to Exist
*Previous owned by World Famous Harrah’s Auto Collection
*Prominent open Pierce-Arrow
*Very rare optional stainless steel artillery spoke wheels
*Powered by the large Pierce 8-cylinder engine

385 cid L-Head Inline 8-Cylinder Engine
Single Updraft Stromberg Carburettor
132 bhp at 3,000rpm
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Front and Rear Leaf Spring Suspension
4-Wheel Bendix Mechanical Drum Brakes


Founded in 1901, some idea of the rapidity of Pierce-Arrow’s rise to prominence may be gauged from the fact that as early as 1909, the White House ordered two for state occasions. From then onwards, the name Pierce-Arrow would be synonymous with the ultimate in motoring luxury, ranking alongside Cadillac, Packard and Rolls-Royce. Royalty, Heads of State and countless celebrities were numbered among its clients, including Emperor Hirohito of Japan; the Shah of Persia; King ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia; King Albert of Belgium; American Presidents Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft and Franklin Delano Roosevelt; John D Rockefeller; Orville Wright; Babe Ruth and Ginger Rogers. Woodrow Wilson would famously be chauffeured around Washington, DC in the Presidential Pierce, sitting in the back seat contemplating issues of state, with no one to barge into the Oval Office and interrupt him.

Clinging to traditional styling and handicapped by a range of sixes in an increasingly multi-cylinder marketplace, Pierce-Arrow saw its sales decline throughout the 1920s. In 1928, an alliance was forged with Studebaker, which viewed Pierce-Arrow’s acquisition as a means of gaining entry into the luxury car market. A new range of straight-eights was introduced, and Pierce-Arrow sales doubled in 1929.

Although the 1931 Pierce-Arrows appeared little changed from the previous year’s models, the chassis frames were new and were built in three ranges, offering a choice of three engine displacements and four wheelbase lengths. The Model 42 was the large Pierce-Arrow model and was powered by the mighty, nine-bearing 5,997 cc straight-eight engine that marked the company’s departure from its six-cylinder traditions.

This 1931 Pierce-Arrow 42 Roadster is One of Two that are known today! As one of the famous three Ps – the others being Packard and Peerless, Pierce Arrow was renowned for understated good taste, unquestioned luxury without ostentation and a bank-vault like build quality that made Pierce cars outlast all but their most expensive competitors. And then of course there were the signature fender-mounted headlights, whereby an on-coming Pierce could always be identified from a distance.

This cars history Chassis 2525294 picks up in the 1950s where it was sold out of Kanas City, MO to a museum outside of Denver, CO. In 1967, The car was purchased by the World Famous “Harrahs Auto Collection” in Reno, NV where it was on display with some of the world’s finest cars until 1974, when the Pierce was traded to Pacific Auto Rentals of Hollywood, CA for a Steam Car that the Harrahs Auto Collection wanted for their collection. In 1985, Pacific Auto Rentals auctioned their cars at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard, CA and the car changed hands once again. Having two owners since then, this is a great opportunity to purchase a rare Pierce-Arrow 42 Roadster that has been seldom seen in many years.

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