1955 Lotus MK9

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This car was one of the first MK9’s to be produced, after the two 1955 Sebring cars. Most of the cars were fitted with Coventry Climax FWA engines, de Dion rear suspension etc. however chassis number 85 had a side valve Ford engine and Ford running gear.

Works specification: Lotus Mark nine multi-tube space frame chassis with William's and Pritchard alloy body work. Tuned Ford 1172cc SV engine. 2 x SU carburetors. Ford Close Ratio 3 speed gearbox. Ford Torque Tube axle with Panhard rod location.

PDD 76 is probably one of the most well-known 1172 sports racing cars ever to have competed in this type of Club racing and certainly the most successful Lotus 1172 car ever. As chassis number 85 it was only the second UK Mark 9 after Colin Chapman Team Lotus MG engined car 9 EHX. It was ordered in December 1954 and supplied in self-assembly form to Mike McDowel of Guidford in March 1955. McDowel's first race was on 30th April 1955 at Ibsley where in true Lotus tradition he won first time out and also scored fastest lap in the race. With 8 - 1st places, 2 - 2nd places and 2 - 3rd places Mike McDowel won the 1172 championship for 1955 with a total of 89 points.
John Anstice - Brown bought PDD 76 for the 1956 season and repeated McDowel's achievement and PDD 76 won the 1956 1172 championship for the second year running with 10 - 1st places, 5 - 2nd and 1 - 3rd place. The aerodynamic Lotus Mark Nine caused such a furor in the 750 Motor Club who ran the 1172 Formula that a year or so later cars with "aerodynamic bodywork" were banned from competing. Even in 1956 Colin Chapman was controversial!
Bert Westwood was the fourth recorded owner of this car and it is remarkable to find that PDD 76 has survived in virtually original condition with all its race winning 1172 equipment just waiting for restoration as the only Lotus Mark Nine sports model built. Graham Capel Lotus registrar December 1994

In 1994 PDD 76 was sold to a collector in Japan who kept the car in his collection until 2002 with no changes to its original state. In 2002 the car was brought back to Europe and acquired a new registration number of WFF 747.

This car is highly original and has excellent provenance. This fantastic MK9 has run the Mille Miglia Storica twice, the LeMans Classic and the LeMans Legend events. It is FIA certified with HTP papers.

Owner has 4kg of documents on this car.
Engine rebuilt by Mike Brotherwood and the engine has about 6 hours on it.
Extras that come with the car:
2 rear wheels with Dunlop racing
The Spitfire seat who was used by McDowell in 55
A 2 seaters screen
Some old engine parts:
Head, pistons, conrods, crankshaft
Located in France.
Price is 155,000.00 euro

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