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1980 VPJ6 Parnelli / Interscope Porsche

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1980 VPJ6 Parnelli/Interscope Porsche.

Chassis # 0025

Cars International Heritage are delighted to offer this historic works factory backed Porsche racing car.

John Barnard designed Indy Car modified by Interscope
racing for Porsche and Parnelli Jones in the 1980 USAC series
/ One of two chassis built / Works factory backed Porsche
race car / Museum displayed for the 20 years in California
/ Minus engine but including chassis, Weismann gearbox,
bodywork with original hand painted logo’s, running gear,
dashboard instrumentation and driver’s seat

Parnelli Jones with partner Velko ‘Vel’ Miletich as the VPJ team ran at the front of IndyCar, Formula 1, Formula 5000, offroad and NHRA drag racing for over 30 years, Parnelli as an Indy 500 winning driver and together with Vel as team owners.

VPJ cars won the 1970 and 1971 Indy 500 and the Indy Championship in 1970, 1971 and 1972, plus the VPJ4 F1 car, raced by Mario Andretti was designed by Maurice Phillippe, designer of the all-conquering Lotus 72 F1 car.

In 1974 legendary race car designer John Barnard joined the design department and when Philippe left, he completely redesigned the VPJ4 leading to the development of the VPJ6 Indy Car, of which two were modified by Ted Field’s Interscope racing for Porsche and Parnelli Jones entry into the 1980 USAC Series to be driven by Danny ‘on the gas’ Ongais.

Post an intensive and very successful testing programme by Interscope of the Porsche powered VPJ6’s driven by Ongais at Ontario Motor Speedway, USAC reduced the Porsche’s turbo boost restriction, leading to the project being shelved by Porsche one month before the start of the season.
Based on information from both the founder of the Vintage IndyCar Registry and one of the World’s leading US racing experts confirms that there were only two chassis built and that 0025 was extensively tested by Danny Ongais at the Ontario Motor Speedway.

Although not raced, the Interscope Porsche VP6J’s are still works factory backed Porsche racing cars, recently proven by being represented alongside some of the most significant Porsche race cars at Rennsport re-union.

Uniquely VPJ6 0025 as one of the two chassis modified by Interscope has the same chassis number which can be seen on both the original USAC scrutineering sticker and etched on the chassis as the race number allocated to the car by USAC in period.

Having been manufactured and tested in California and up until now displayed in a World class California automotive museum for over 20 years, today 0025 retains the look and feel of a period ex-race car with all original parts minus engine but including the chassis, Weismann gearbox, bodywork with original hand painted logo’s, running gear, dashboard instrumentation and driver’s seat. A genuine piece of automotive history involving some of the most successful Individuals and Manufacturer in Motorsport from concept to fruition.

Price on request.

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