ANSON SA4 - Last run 10/2-3/2021 Excellent!

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$ 40,000.00
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ANSON SA4 FSV - Rebuilt Excellent Spares!
"Pole winner for 1984 Long Beach Grand Prix" with tommy Byrne. Full documentation of ownership, including homologation papers for SCCA racing! Originally imported by Mark Pivec, Bob Earl was the original test driver, car signed by Bob!

Spares list, custom head, 1 session on all new Konis, rebuilt calipers and master, re-wired wiring harness, low time 10:32 ring and pinion, new electronic chronometer tach, new outer hats for BBS wheels. We saw it run last weekend 10/2-3/2021 with CSRG!

Listing at...................$40,000 with all spares!

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