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1952 Frazer Nash Targo Florio, FN 182 – was one of ten Targo Florios with the early body style. It was identifiable by a uniquely large radiator grille, three inches wider than normal, with brake cooling holes lower down on the nose either side. It was built to “Grand Sport” specification with lightweight 18-gauge aluminum-alloy body and BS1 engine. With 8.8:1compression ratio. The cockpit was inches shorter than other Targo Florios because of the 20.50 gallon petrol tank behind the seats. The car was originally fitted with bumpers front and rear, and a total weight was 18cwt 1qtr. It was built for Wyndham Hewitt to use in continental rallies, hence the large fuel tank and wider radiator grille for better cooling on the mountain roads. The first event for the car was the Sestriere Rally in February 1953. Driven by Wyndham Hewitt and Alex Von Falkenhausen, it unfortunately retired with a broken A-bracket in the rear suspension. A reinforced A-bracket was fitted afterwards at the Falcon Works, and as this had happened to several other cars. Wyndham Hewitt then competed in the car in the Rallye Soleil Cannes at the end of March 1953. In February 1954 it was resprayed pale blue metallic by AFN following an accident. Bolt on wheels with light alloy rims were also fitted. The car was purchased by W. Eric Whiston of Macclesfield in March 1955 with 16,845Km recorded. He used it only as a road car and sold it in April 1958 with 36,471km on the clock. Bill Ellison bought it from AFN in March 1961 and used it in trials, hill climbs and races. It was then purchased by Peter Gibson in 1964 and raced in FNCC/HSCC events. He fitted hubs, brake drums and centre-lock wire wheels obtained from AFN when they were clearing out all Frazer Nash Parts and passing them to Betty Haig and the Frazer Nash Car Club. Gibson remembered the car being metallic maroon and he repainted it light green. He also made a new grille for the bonnet scoop. In 1968 the car was sold to David Muirhead who raced it in HSCC events, winning the Frazer Nash Car Club Challenge Shield in 1968 and 1969. David Martin bought it in 1974 and kept it until 1977 when he sold it to James Trigwell with a BS4 Engine fitted. The bodywork was renovated in 1979 and painted dark green with new green leather upholstery.
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