1971 Citroen Mehari

More Information
The Méhari was designed by French World War II fighter ace Count Roland de la Poype, who headed the French company SEAP - Société d'Etudes et d'Applications des Plastiques. This company was already a supplier to Citroën, and SEAP developed a working concept of the car before presenting it to its client.The Mehari was introduced in 1968 and remained largely unchanged for the duration of its 20-year production life. There were a few minor modifications, and as the first batch of cars had no side doors, fabric flaps could be zipped in place when the roof was up. Some cars had aftermarket seatbelts fitted but that was about the extent of the safety equipment available. From 1970-on, plastic doors were introduced and a full plastic top was an optional extra. You could also buy a two-seater version. In 1978 some updates were carried out to the frontal styling and dashboard design and these were the last major changes until production ended.
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