1975 Shadow DN7#1A

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1975 Shadow DN7/1A was a unique car with Matra V12 engine, effectively an interim model. Utilising many of the components from the DN5 as possible, namely front suspension, brakes, wheels, steering, nose and front wing sections. At the rear the same Hewland FL-200 gearbox was employed and parts of the rear suspension. Brakes, wheels and rear wing assembly are unchanged from the Cosworth powered DN5 model. The remainder is especially designed to suit the MATRA engine. Fuel capacity has been enlarged by 22.7Ltrs to 57.6 gallons by increasing the width of the side tanks and, at the same time, improving the centre of gravity position of the fuel load. The fuel system contains four side tanks, two each side instead of one and the seat tank set higher.
The radiator layout is different too, the two radiators are mounted in the centre of the chassis at 90 degrees to the air flow, giving the car a wide flat appearance.
The weight of the completed car was 40Lbs heavier than the DN5 due to the larger fuel tanks, bigger monocoque, and other technical differences.
Driven by Jarier in the 1975 Austrian and Italian GPs. Designed by Tony Southgate.
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