1967 McKee MK VII, Chassis 24012

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Like many American engineers, Bob McKee cut his teeth building dragsters and stock cars, before moving to Indy racing as Dick Rathman's chief crew. An early convert to the rear-engine revolution, McKee built a Cooper-Buick for Rodger Ward in 1961 and later developed his own McKee transaxle. His first five cars were one-off specials but, in 1966, he built his first production car, the Can-Am McKee Mk VI. Mak Kronn would take one of these cars to victory in the 1966 Road America June Sprints.

From 1966–1978, McKee built a total of 18 cars, 11 of which were Can-Am cars. Two of these Can-Ams were Mk VII cars.
This particular car was built for Bob Nagel in 1967. The car saw its debut on May 5, 1967, in Bridgehampton, NY. Bob campaigned the car on the East Coast and in the Midwest in 14 events over the next 15 months until he crashed the car at Mid-Ohio on August 18, 1968.

At this point, the car was sold to Bob Stanford of Mars, PA, who converted the car to a Formula A car. The car debuted as a Formula A at Sebring in December of 1969. Stanford raced the car in 17 events throughout the Midwest from 1969-1972. In 1974, Bob sold the car to Chuck Haines of Can-Am Cars Ltd in St. Louis. Chuck resold the car to Jerry Dykhuisen, who embarked on a complete and meticulous restoration of the car over the next 4 years, where the car was converted back to original Can-Am specifications and fitted with a McLaren Mk 6 body. Dykhuisen raced the car for some years, then sold it back to Haines.

In 1987, the car was purchased by Mike Kalashian of Wisconsin. Mike raced the car sporadically at Road America in local and Can-Am events over the next 27 years. Under Mike’s ownership, the car was driven just 124 hours in 27 years. The car was most recently raced at the SVRA National Championships in Austin, TX, in October 2014.

This car represents one of McKee’s early cars, is one of only two examples built, has complete known history, and is a very low-time example that will be welcomed in Can-Am and historic events throughout the world. The car is in excellent condition, still sporting the McLaren Mk 6 body, a Chevrolet 350 engine putting out approximately 600 HP, and the original Hewland transaxle. Both engine and transmission have 12 hours run time on fresh rebuilds. This car is absolutely spotless and presents a fantastic opportunity to drive any Can-Am event worldwide without the enormous entry price of a McLaren or Lola.

One of two built
NOTE car is in Wales, UK.
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