Alan Mann "Open Sports Ford" Can-Am (2) cars.

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Alan Mann Open Sports Ford Can-Am with Exact Copy! SO THIS IS A PRICE FOR A TWO CAR PACKAGE, ALL SPARES, EVERYTHING!! ! This 1969 original is in the museum, and an exact duplicate was hand made. Also Extra 'everything' ! See below.

"So a quick history, driven by Jack Brabham and Frank Garner. 2 races Riverside and Texas in 1969. Riverside was a DNF and Texas was a 3rd place finish but ran 2nd thru out the race until the Aluminum block sprung a oil leak.
The original car has it's original paint and still sets on its Goodyear Blue streaks. The original car was designed by Len Bailey and built in England. The car was tested at Goodwood and then shipped to H&M for the prep of the all Aluminum Boss 429 motor. All body parts on the original car are rolled and hammered Aluminum.
I had the second car built by Kenny Thompson, 35 year employee of Holman and Moody, and also had Kenny build a 3rd replacement part of everything he built including a Monocoque. I also have a 3rd set of every body part and the fiberglass molds."

OFFERED AT................$1,000,000.

  • Tom Cantrell - 1969 Alan Mann Special
  • Tom Cantrell, 1969 Ford Open Sports Can-Am 'Alan Mann Special' Picasa
  • The Can Am racers attrated a huge crowd in the TGPLB paddock
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