1938 BMW328MM Roadster

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One-off and believed to be a pre-production prototype
Original design drawing accompanies the car
Originally found and restored by pre-war BMW expert and historian Jim Proffit
Participated in the 1984 Mille Miglia and 2015 California Mille
Eligible for vintage motoring events around the world
Powerful 2.0 OHV straight-6 engine with 3 Weber carburetors
4-speed manual transmission
Engineered by men like Ernst Loof and Alex von Falkenhausen (the father of BMW motorsport) and designed by a group that included Fritz Fiedler and Peter Szymanowski (who went on to head up BMW’s design department), this was a car created by the German “Dream Team” of the pre-World War II motor industry. It’s a measure of the car’s quality that after WWII, representatives of the Bristol Aeroplane Company took one of the Mille Miglia 328 models, along with technical details from the bombed factory, and (along with Fritz Fiedler) returned to England to design and build the heavily 328-influenced Bristol 400 as well as supplying Frazer Nash with engines.
This 328MM is believed to be a special body, one-off prototype, as explained when the car was featured in Auto Week magazine in 1985: “A man named Hoover came to BMW as a stylist and an aerodynamicist and in the middle of 1938 drew up this car. It was the first of three coupes and three spiders that ran to such a convincing victory in the 1940 Mille Miglia.” Convincing indeed. A 328MM coupe version, piloted by Husche Von Hanstein, finished in first place at the 1940 Mille Miglia, with roadster versions coming in 3rd and 4th place respectively.
Original drawings of the car where discovered accompany the car, however its early history is obscure. The factory has no records of this car and there is no race history for it in period. However, the construction of this car is correct, authentic and unique to a BMW patented technique of using tubing and strapping to form the contours of the body, then stretching and crimping the body over it.
In the 1970’s noted pre-war BMW expert and historian Jim Proffit discovered this car in a friends collection, stored up on blocks where it had been languishing for years. Profitt, according to Vintage Racecar Magazine, was “arguably the king of pre-war BMW chasers.” Proffit located many of the significant pre-war BMW racecars that had been thought to have been lost. Besides this 328MM, Proffit also found the 1940 Mille Miglia-winning 328 Coupe. How the car came to the United States is unclear, but it is probable that it was taken home by a returning serviceman. It changed hands several times early on, acquiring a Corvette engine and a fair amount of body damage along the way before Profitt rescued it.
Profitt performed a comprehensive and correct restoration, then proceeded to enter the car in various vintage racing events, most notably the Mille-Miglia in 1984. Later, Profitt sold the car to Joliet, Illinois BMW dealer and enthusiast Bill Jacobs, who continued to run the BMW in historic motoring events that included the Colorado Grand and events at Road America and Lime Rock. A more recent owner ran the car in the 2015 California Mille.
Rare and exotic, this 1938 BMW 328MM is faster and more agile than many of its early post-war competitors on the track today. Properly sorted and ready to enjoy, this pre-war treasure is eligible and welcome at the most prestigious motoring events in the world, including the famous Mille Miglia. Here is a rare opportunity to acquire an interesting and unique pre-war racecar that would be an asset to any collection.

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