1955 Maserati 300S Replica

$ 250,000.00
More Information
This car is a handmade Maserati 300S by the historic car builders Nestor Salerno of Argentina and is currently located in the US.
The car can be equipped with either a 3500 GT Maserati engine or a Quatraporte Maserati V8. Car comes with original Maserati carbs.
The car can be completed with 6 to eight weeks.
Price completed: 3500 GT $250,000.00 V8 -$175,000.00
Or the car can be purchased as is. The engine needs to be overhauled and the engine and transmission need to be installed.
Price for client to finish 3500 GT $180,000.00 V8 $145,000.00
Car is in the process of being titled.
Pictures show car just washed hence the water on the floor.
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