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    • I’ve checked the two websites listed on the brochure that came with my ticket. Both were shut down prior to 01/02/2016. Several searches for more news of the raffle results have been fruitless. No information found, and one search mentioned “Cancelled” in the search results, but could not connect to a website. The car has been at the Chandler, AZ mall for the past month. I’m going over there this afternoon, and if I find out anything I’ll post it on this thread.

      • Chuck,
        I bought tickets and donated cash as well from Scottsdale Fashion Mall spring of 2016…..the tickets I bought for drawing is supposed to be on July 9th, 2017…..Shelby GT 350 or newer mustang was the choice at the time,
        Was this just a scam?

      • Chuck,
        We hope you do find out and let us know.
        We are from New Zealand and bought our tickets at Scottsdale last year.
        Be a shame for it to be a scam.
        Scottsdale Mall should properly vet their vendors in the mall.
        Like Steve B we also donated cash.

    • I have no way of knowing who won the raffle- I have purchased two tickets associated with the raffle for today’s drawing and the phone number given was changed. Here is the new number 760-630-0262.


      what ticket was drawn? I bought 2 tickets at the Carmel Car Show, just went on line the website cobraraffle.com is showing CANCELLED? Taking me to a new website / Shelby cobra csx6000series- raffle leading me no where. These tickets were purchased at the Carmel Car Show.

      Rosemary Safavi

    • Not sure if these questions are regarding the 2017 raffle or the 2016, but the details for the 2017 raffle are below:

      Gary J from Sherwood Park is our winner. Ticket # 0692E. Drawing video and winner is posted on winthisshelby.com

  1. Hi, Russ,

    Thank you for reaching back out to us, and I’m sorry if my previous reply was unclear. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is not affiliated with the promotion to raffle off a Cobra, or with the group running the raffle, Wounded Warrior Support Group. This event is not sponsored or hosted by WWP, nor does WWP receive any benefit from this promotion. Wounded Warrior Support Group is not a registered WWP partner, vendor, or event host.

    We are currently investigating multiple reports of confusion stemming from this event and compiling evidence, but you can help us by reporting suspected fraud directly to your local consumer protection agency online at usa.gov/directory/stateconsumer/index.shtml. We are unable to report this incident as we did not witness it directly, but WWP cooperates with all state and federal investigations as requested, once initiated.

    We also advise you file a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1. Consumer complaints reported to the FTC help detect patterns of fraud and abuse, and the FTC has devoted an entire section to help combat against charity scams, at consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0011-charity-scams.

    Thank you again for reporting this to your local consumer protection office and the FTC. Reporting potential fraudulent activity is integral to protecting the integrity of WWP, and empowers us to continue helping service members and their families.


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  2. Kelly Augustine on

    The Wound Warrior Support Group, who is responsible for this charity raffle, is currently being sued by the California Attorney General’s office. The AG claims that the charity is a scam.

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