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Profile: All-Rounder – Harold Pace tests one of postwar Britain’s great all-purpose racecars-the Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica.

Interview: Dan Parkinson – Casey Annis speaks withthe three-time SCCA National Champion about racing and rabble-rousing in the good ‘ol days.

Feature: Monza Magic – Ed McDonough examines the 1968 Italian Grand Prix, one of the last great Grands Prix bedfore the commercialization of Formula One.

Fast Lines: Pedro and the 917 – Pete Lyons rates Pedro Rodriguez’s performance in the 1970 and 1971 24-Hours of Daytona as one for the ages.

Stirling Speaks: Awful Cars – Sir Stirling Moss takes a candid look at some of the worst cars he’s ever had the unfortunate luck to race.

Art History: “Innes Ireland” – Wally Thomason conjures a revealing image of the British racer.

Race Prep: Preservation – Pete Lyons explores some of the important considerations in preserving vintage racing photographs.

Last Lap: The Best Season – Mike Lawrence explores the strange connection between Hunt and Lauda’s sexual escapades and racing’s most influential season.

First Turn: Heartburn

Photo Gallery: Daytona, Moroso, Targa 66.

Market Guide: FIA Prototype

Product Review: Prototype: The history of the GTP

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