August 2007 VRJ (Indy Roadster Special Issue)



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Interview: Jim Rathmann – John Wright speaks with the 1960 Indianapolis 500 winner about Indy, the roadster era and the remarkable identity swap with his brother that enabled him to race.

Profile: Monzapolis Kraft – Ed McDonough test drives the ex-Crawford 1957 Kurtis Kraft 500G2 that raced eight times at Indy and in both “Race of the Two Worlds.”

Feature: Winners Drove Watsons – Richard Nisley speaks with famed builder A. J. Watson to try and discern what made his the winningest racecars of the front-engine roadster period.

Fast Lines: Revenge of the Roadsters – Pete Lyons takes an enlightened look at the “Dinosaurs” that raced at Indy in the early ’60s.

Heroes: Wilbur Shaw and the Maserati 8CTF – Robert Newman examines the history behind Wilbur Shaw and Maserati’s back-to-back Indy 500 wins.

Legends Speak: The Roadster Years – Indy 500 winner Rufus Parnelli Jones looks back at the men and the machines that made the Indy Roadster era so unique.

Art History: “Indy 500, 1959” – Stained glass artist Stephen Bonesteel pieces together a stunning image of the 1959 running of the Indianapolis 500.

Hot Laps: Lime Rock Park’s “Downhill” – Skip Barber instructor Bruce MacInnes shows us the fast way through Lime Rock’s “Downhill.”

Fabulous Fifties: My Friend Rodger – Art Evans looks back on the life and career of two-time Indy winner Rodger Ward.

Greatest Racecars: Watson Roadster – 1959 and 1962 Indianapolis 500-winner Rodger Ward registers his vote for the greatest racecar of all time.

Last Lap: The Indy Tradition – Mike Lawrence explains why the Indianapolis 500, and not the French Grand Prix, should be considered the world’s oldest race.

First Turn: Roadster Revelation

Market Guide: Under-2-Liter GT

Photo Gallery: California Mille, Indy 500, Sears Point, Hershey Hillclimb, Donington, Morgan Park, Road America, Buttonwillow.

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