August 2011 VRJ (Jaguar XKE Special Issue)



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Interview: John Coombs – Mike Jiggle talks with one of England’s early “performance tuners” to discuss his extensive career in racing as a driver, owner and entrant.

Profile: 1961 Jaguar XKE Lightweights – Ed McDonough climbs aboard a pair of significant Lightweight E-Types–the ex-Salvadori “4WPD” and the former Cunningham/Qvale Sebring car–and compares the two significant, but very different, racecars.

Feature: The Pride of Jaguar – John Zimmermann assesses the history of Jaguar’s North American competition efforts to highlight the success of its long-running factory team, Group 44.

Fast Lines: Reflections on Restoration – Pete Lyons considers his first encounters with Jaguar’s XKE and the recent restoration of the ill-fated Lindner/Nöcker car.

Heroes: The Flying Scotsmen – Robert Newman remembers the team of Scottish privateers who proudly carried Jaguar’s banner at Le Mans.

Legends Speak: Against Their Will – Peter Sutcliffe shares his recollections of acquiring and racing one of the Lightweight Jaguar XKEs.

Art History: “V12 Jaguar E-Type” – Chris Phillips captures the quiet elegance of Group 44’s championship-winning Jaguar XKE V12.

Greatest Racecars: E-Type Jaguar – Michael MacDowel discusses the challenges of turning a road car into a racecar versus the other way around.

Last Lap: E-Type – Mike Lawrence recalls how Jaguar’s new sports car burst from behind a shroud of secrecy onto the scene in 1961.

First Turn: Primal Lust

Hidden Treasure: 1965 Gran Tursimo Jaguar XKE

Market Guide: Under 2-Liter GT

Photo Galleries: Chuckwalla, Silverstone, Fontana, Donington, Lime Rock, Road America, Indianapolis, Mallala

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