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Profile: Low Drag – Ed Mcdonough test drives a Jaguar XKE racecar that has been exactingly built to rare “Low Drag” coupe specifications by Lynx.

Interview: Denver Cornett & Otto Linton – They met at the first Watkins Glen race and have been “fast” friends ever since. John Wright speaks with these road racing pioneers about those early days at the Glen.

EMW-An Eastern Story: Mike Lawrence tells the tale of a BMW factory, trapped behind the Iron Curtain, that became the Eastern Bloc’s sole racing flag bearer.

Fast Lines: Pete Lyons explores what, for him, are some of the world’s most spectacular race tracks, and why.

Legends Speak: Sir Jackie Stewart takes us for a few hot laps around Silverstone and imparts some of his secrets for driving on the edge without falling off.

Art History: Artist Matthew Stevens paints a picture of the Gulf 917.

Last Lap: Mike Lawrence laments the plight of the historian to unravel motor racing’s many mysteries-even the simple question of who designed the Lotus 11.

First Turn: Casualties of War

Market Guide: Can-Am, 1966-1974

Photo Gallery: Goodwood, Lime Rock, Watkins Glen

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