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Interview: Gail Hill – Mike Jiggle speaks with the Chair of the British Women Racing Drivers Club about Jaguars, racing and women’s place in motorsport.

Profile: Strictly Passive – George Shaw and Lorina McLaughlin put the ex=Schumacher 1992 Benetton B192/08-Ford through its paces.

Feature: 40 Years of European Women Racers – Peter Collins chronicles the involvement of women at the upper levels of European motor sport since the ’60s.

Champions Trophy: Vintage Racecar supports a special European racing championship for women.

Fast Lines: Women at War – Pete Lyons examines the reception generally afforded women who play on fields usually reserved for men.

Heroes: Maria Teresa de Filippis – Robert Newman looks back at the career of the Italian countess who was the first woman in Formula One.

Legends Speak: Befriending The Bear – Carol Spears recounts how her adventures as a camp follower led to her friendship with a World Champion.

Art History: “The Roaring Beautiful” – Laurence B. Henry demonstrates her mastery of hyperrealism with her painting of a classic 427 Cobra.

Greatest Racecars: Austin-Healey 3000 – Ann Wisdom (Riley) explains why she considers the works rally-prepped Big Healey her favorite.

Last Lap: Women – Mike Lawrence examines the role of women racing drivers and why he feels a woman will never be Formula One Champion.

Hidden Treasure: 1949 Nardi ND750

Market Guide: Can-Am

Holiday Gift Guide

Photo Galleries: Silverstone, Mt. Equinox, Portland, Watkins Glen, Goodwood


Profile: The Only One – 1967 Shelby GT 500 Convertible

Interview: Fred Peters and Charles Betz – Ferrari Collectors & Restorers

Feature: The Royal Ferraris of Europe and Asia

Driven: 1970 IKA Torino 380S

Photo Gallery: Sensuous Steel, Botham Vineyards Concours, The Milwaukee Masterpiece, St. James Concours, Salon Privé, Palos Verdes Concours

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