February 2001 VRJ



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Profile: Highland Terror – Ed McDonough gets behind the wheel of the Porsche 356A that helped launch Jim Clark’s meteoric career.

Interview: Ak Miller – Casey Annis speaks with the hot rodding legend about his surprising succesds as an open road racer.

Feature: Triple Crown – Graham Hill is the only driver to have won the F1 Championship, the Indy 500 and Le Mans. Michael Oliver explores how he did it.

Fast Lines: Bill Devin – Pete Lyons looks back at the life of Bill Devin and laments an opportunity lost.

Vintage Guy: And the Winner Is…Us – Tim Considine examines Dr. Janos Wimpffen’s herculean efforts to document the modern history of sports car racing.

Art History: “Phil Hill” – Wally Thomason pays tribute to America’s World Champion.

Race Prep: Joining the Draft – Engineer Paul Van Valkenburgh provides some practical tips to consider while tucking up under the bumper of a competitor.

Last Lap: Hang on the Right – Mike Lawrence claims that right is wrong and left is right – and the key to it all is an Indian named Geronimo?!

First Turn: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow.

Photo Gallery: Coronado, Savannah, Summit Point

Market Guide: Prewar Racers, Part 2

Product Review: Oversteer, Dead Pedal

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