February 2006 VRJ



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Interview: Bill Krause – John R. Wright speaks with the ’50s sports car legend about his impressive racing career.

Profile: Last of the Line – Ed McDonough test drives the ex-Fittipaldi Lola T70 Mk3B coupe, which was the last T70 built in period.

Feature: Personal Safety Gear – All the vital data you need to know before buying a new helmet, driver suit, or head and neck restraint system.

Fast Lines: Marking Time – Pete Lyons takes a decade by decade look back at some interesting motorsport milestones.

Heroes: Gilles Villeneuve – Robert Newman examines the meteoric rise and tragic fall of Canada’s remarkable Gilles Villeneuve.

Legends Speak: My Early Years – Third-generation racer Teddy Pilette recalls his start in professional motorsport.

Art History: Round Sainte-Devote – Artist Gulay Berryman paints a picture of the 1970 Monaco Grand Prix.

Fabulous Fifties: It Wasn’t All Wine and Roses – Art Evans recalls how racing in the fabulous ’50s could be bittersweet.

Greatest Racecars: Shadow DN4 – Can-Am and Trans-Am champion George Follmer makes his choice for the greatest racecar.

Last Lap: 500-cc – Mike Lawrence waxes nostalgic on how a simple letter to a magaziner editor gave rise to the phenomenon of 500-cc racing in the UK.

First Turn: Safety Matters

Market Guide: F2/Atlantic


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