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Interview: Haskell Wexler – John Wright talks with the Oscar-winning cinematographer about his auto-racing affliction.

Profile: Almost Perfection – Mike Jiggle assesses the 1990 Leyton House CC901, arguably the first F1 car to give an indication of Adrian Newey’s design genius.

Feature: Carrera 924: a Flawed Excellence – Roy Smith tracks Porsche’s efforts as it tried to make a competitive proposition of its first front-engined car.

Heroes: Ross Brawn – Robert Newman discusses the career of the engineer designer-strategist behind multiple F1 Championships.

Legends Speak: Remembering My Father – Rusty Hansgen recalls some of the experiences he had under the watchful eye of his famous father Walt.

Art History: “Mario Andretti” – Masha Pasichnyk expresses her affinity for the sport with a composite rendering of Mario and his Lotus 78.

Greatest Racecars: Lola T330 – Ian Ashley explains why he cherishes Eric Broadley’s Formula 5000 design above all others in his career.

Last Lap: Sydney’s Legacy – Mike Lawrence remembers specialist car builder Sydney Allard as his company faces another revival.

First Turn: Grim Business

Hidden Treasure: 1952 Joe Lunn Racer

Market Guide: F2/Atlantic/FB

Photo Galleries: VIR, Wakefield Park, Mdina, San Luca


By Design: The Beauty of Post-War Excess

Profile: Teardrops in the Wind – 1937 Lincoln Zephyr

Interview: Bob Cherry & Matthew Watts – Managing Directors, Cropredy Bridge Garage

Feature: Millstones to Modern Trucks – Marmon Strove for Quality

Driven: 1972 Citroën 2CV6

Photo Gallery: Ferrari 60 Years in America, Auto e Moto d’Epoca, Art Center Car Classic, Classic Motor Show

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