January 1999 VRJ



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Profile: Snake in Horse’s Clothing – We profile the ground-pounding Shelby GT350R.

Interview: Carroll Shelby – A candid conversation with one of racing’s true living legends.

First turn: Revelations – Can driving a Formula 5000 be a religious experience? Oh yeah!

Fast Lines: Andretti’s Attic – Pete Lyons helps Mario unearth memorabilia and memories.

Vintage Guy: Driving History – Tim Considine wraps his hands around the car that changed the Indianapolis 500 forever.

Race Prep: What’s Your Point – Carroll Smith explores the shift point as a means to better lap time.

Last Lap: On the Off Season – Edmond Stoops angsts over what to do during the dark days of the off season.

Markt Guide: Under 2-Liter GT.

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