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Profile: Boxing Champion – Ed McDonough test drives one of the most dominant sports cars in endurance racing history-the Ferrari 312P.

Interview: Brian Redman – Casey Annis speaks with Brian Redman about his days with Ferrari’s early-’70s “Dream Team,” and what made this month’s profile car so good.

Feature: Ken Miles – We pay pictorial tribute to the career of ’50s and ’60s sports car racer Ken Miles, with memories from Shelby teammate John Morton.

Fast Lines: What is Golden? – Pete Lyons learns that the definition of a “Golden Age” in motorsport is something of a moving target.

Stirling Speaks: Influential People – Sir Stirling Moss recalls some of the individuals who proved to be the most influential in his personal life and racing career.

Art History: “Last Scene at Rosie’s…” – Wally Thomason paints a portrait of a legendary driver… at the tail end of his career.

Last Lap: Mr. Saab – Mike Lawrence provides sage advice for the discerning car collector-avoid Saab dealerships and sunroofs.

First Turn: What is a Porsche?

Photo Gallery: Atlanta Historics, SVRA, Ferrari Festival

Market Guide: Prewar Racecars, Part 2

Product Review: The World According to Smokey

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