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Interview: Rick Hall-Part II – Mike Jiggle completes his discussion with the head of Hall & Hall, moving from BRM into historic racing.

Profile: Buried Treasure – Peter Collins explores the remarkable history of a Mille Miglia-winning Maserati 4CS that was once buried to keep it out of the hands of invading soldiers!

Feature: Early Santa Barbara – Michael Jacobsen pens a personal memoir of exploring some of California’s earliest road races with his father.

Heroes: Luigi Musso – Robert Newman reflects on the brief career of a young Italian star who could have done so much more.

Legends Speak: My First Year at TWR – Tony Southgate discusses joining Tom Walkinshaw Racing to design a Porsche-beating Jaguar prototype.

Art History: “Shelby’s ’59 Le Mans Victory” – Hans Sures captures Carroll Shelby’s response to winning Le Mans for Aston Martin in 1959.

Greatest Racecars: Jaguar D-Type – Gary Pearson explains why the classic D-Jag remains his favorite of all the many cars he’s raced.

Last Lap: Talent Spotters – Mike Lawrence ruminates on the ability some team owners have for finding fresh new driving talent.

First Turn: History Lost

Hidden Treasure: 1948 “Dietrich” MG TC

Market Guide: FIA Sports Prototypes

Photo Galleries: Put-In-Bay, Angouleme, Sywell Aerodrome, Sears Point, Austin, Silverstone


Provenance: 1966 Corvette

Profile: To the Front – 1930 Tracta E Henri Lemoyne Coupe

Interview: Raffi Minasian – Automotive Designer, Collector

Feature: The Italian Job – 1952 Ford Cisitalia Cabriolet

Driven: 1956 Lancia B24 Convertible

Photo Gallery: Santa Fe Concorso, Paris Motor Show Special Exhibit, St. Michaels Concours, Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb

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