January 2016 VR


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Interview: John Grant – Part II – Mike Jiggle concludes his discussion with the Chairman of the BRDC about his automotive career.

Profile: Malvern Marvel – Peter Collins examines a very special, factory-built 1963 Morgan Plus 4 Supersport.

Feature: Rescue – Roy Smith tells the story of how the Safety Car came to be a ubiquitous element of motor sport.

Heroes: Jody Scheckter – Robert Newman charts the course of the South African’s career on his way to becoming World Champion.

Legends Speak: Monaco on a Shoestring – Dr. Tony Goodwin explains how he kept his outdated Lola competitive with the other F3s at Monaco in ’64.

Art History: “Respect the Kink” – Alex Wakefield captures Brian Redman clipping the apex in Spa’s Masta Kink with his Ferrari 312PB.

Greatest Racecars: Lola T332-Chevrolet – Bob Evans goes for a car with which he won regularly when selecting the favorite ride of his career.

Nev’s Notes: The Bira ERAs – Part 2 – Neville Hay ruminates on the several ERA racing cars that filled the White Mouse Stable of Prince Birabongse.

First Turn: Tazio’s Dentist

Hidden Treasure: 1929 Muller Front Drive

Market Guide:  FIA Sports Prototypes

Photo Galleries: Wakefield Park, VIR, Montlhéry, Brands Hatch, Laguna Seca, Sears Point


By Design: 1953 Ghia Abarth

Profile: Daisy Chain – 1949 MG Y Type

Interview: Mark Leonard – Owner of Grand Prix Classics

Feature: The Tale of an African Dart

Driven:  Snake Eyes

Photo Gallery:   40th Annual Hossier Tour, Montecito Motor Classic 2015, Automedon Paris 2015, Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival, Auto Moto d’Epoca Padova, Art Center Car Classic

Showcase:  Product Review



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