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Profile: Blade Runner – Ed McDonough gets a chance to sample a rare piece of Rootes Group history-the ex-Ricardo Rodriguez Sunbeam Rapier.

Interview: Roger Ward – In this final installment, Casey Annis speaks with the two-time Indy 500 winner about his lesser-known achievements as a road racer.

Feature: Tripoli! – Robert Newman examines the cars, the drivers and the scandals that made the Grand Prix of Tripoli one of the most colorful races of the prewar era.

Fast Lines: A Fast Ride with Dan – Pete Lyons takes a white-knuckler with Dan Gurney and tries to remember how to put together the “perfect lap.”

Stirling Speaks: Great Racecars – Sir Stirling Moss tries to unravel the elusive qualities that make a racecaar great.

Art History: “Ricardo Rodriguez” – Wally Thomason pays tribute to the young Mexican’s brilliant, but all-too-short career.

Last Lap: When was Nelson Last on Victory? – Mike Lawrence reveals how he turned down his chance at being Prime Minister…in order to share a “bad pint” with a couple of racers named “Hobbo” and “Dinger”?

First Turn: Driven Crazy

Photo Gallery: Pocono, Buttonwillow, Walter Mitty

Maerket Guide: Formula Junior

Product Review: Alberto Ascari

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