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Interview:  Ed Leavens – John Wright speaks with the pioneering Canadian about his diverse competition career which spanned everything from Corvettes and Sprites to Bonneville records with Stirling Moss and Donald Healey.

Profile:  In Perfect Balance – Peter Collins discovers the reasons why Alfa Romeo’s Vittorio Jano-designed 8C 2300 was so successful.

Feature:  The Mighty Monsterati – Willem Oosthoek explores the history and legend of Bill Janowski and his mighty Monsterati.

Heroes:  Louis Delage – Robert Newman examines the life of a brilliant automotive designer who sadly died in poverty.

Legends Speak:  “Racing” with Theodore – Tommy Byrne recalls how his first shot at Formula One turned out to be something less than he expected.

Art History:  “Ayrton Senna-Monaco 1984 – David Johnson captures the great Brazilian’s F1 “coming out party,” chasing Alain Prost in the streets of Monaco.

Greatest Racecars:  March 782-BMW – Brian Henton explains why he reveres the 1982 March Formula Two offering as his favorite ride.

Last Lap:  Departing Drivers – Howden Ganley looks at the drivers who did not, or could not, defend their World Championships.

First Turn:  F1 Royalty=Indy Rookie

Hidden Treasure:  1966 Bosley Interstate Mk II

Market Guide:  Formula Ford

Photo Galleries: Phillip Island, Willow Springs, VIR, Wakefield Park, Road Atlanta


By Design:  Ferrari 308

Profile:  BMW 507 – Classically Handsome

Interview:  Don Boulton – Collector, Brass-Era Enthusiast

Feature:  The Sting Ray – A Technical Analysis

Driven:   2016 Sensuale Prototype

Photo Gallery:  Copperstate 1000, St. Petersburg Festival of Speed, La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, Benedict Castle Concours

Showcase:   Product Review


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