June 2001 VRJ


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Profile: Caged Beast – Ed McDonough gets a taste of Maserati’s misunderstood mid-engined monster-the Tipo 63.

Interview: John Zeitler – From building Formula Juniors and sports racers to being a founding father of the Super Vee formula, engineer John Zeitler has seen it all.

Feature: Born in the USA – Domenick Billera takes a look at the history and influence of the Formula Super Vee series on American motorsport.

Fast Lines: Apologies to Auto Union? – Pete Lyons learns that the true record of Auto Union’s prewar racecars is much better than even he originally believed.

Stirling Speaks: Ferrari – Sir Stirling Moss discusses his turbulent relationship with Enzo Ferrari and his racecars.

Art History: “Wilbur Shaw (and Friend)” – Wally Thomason honors the much-loved racing legend.

Last Lap: Marching On – Would a World Champion wager his racing future on the outcome of a golf game? Shameless self-promoter Mike Lawrence says, “Yes.”

First Turn: The Great Delineator

Photo Gallery: Laguna Seca, Donington, Roebling

Market Guide: Under 2-liter sports racer

Product Review: The Works MGs

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