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Interview: Raoul “Sonny” Balcaen – John Zimmermann visits with a behind-the-scenes figure whose career included involvements with many of motor sport’s greatest figures.

Profile: 1985 Audi Quattro E2 – Ed McDonough wrestles with Audi’s mighty Group B Quattro rally car and learns that this is a car that yearns to be flogged.

Feature: Small But Sensational – Mark R. Brinker recounts the fascinating story of the most successful small-displacement engine design in motor racing history.

Feature: Memoir; Pebble Beach 1953 – Michael Jacobsen casts his memory back to the days when both a race meeting and a concours were held in the glorious surroundings of Pebble Beach.

Fast Lines: Pikes Peak – Pete Lyons looks back upon his high-altitude experience at the home of America’s second oldest automobile race.

Heroes: HellΓ© Nice -Robert Newman recounts the illustrious tale of one of the most famous lady drivers in racing history.

Legends Speak: Catching the Motoring “Bug” – Gregor Fisken discusses his lifelong affliction with the automobile and the high points of his racing career.

Art History: “Hawkeye” – Andrew Kitson captures the excitement of a duel for the lead between Paul Hawkins and Brian Redman.

The Golden Age: The First Palm Springs – Art Evans remembers how sports car road racing initially sank its roots in the California desert.

Greatest Racecars: 2000 Audi R8 – Tom Kristensen reflects upon the highly adaptable car in which he scored many of his greatest victories.

Last Lap: Ford – Mike Lawrence examines the role Henry Ford and his company have played in the British motoring industry.

First Turn: A Floating Williams

Hidden Treasure: 1953 Bohman “Tiger” Special

Market Guide: Over 2-Liter GT

Photo Galleries: Daytona, RaceRetro, Silverstone, Sebring, Amelia Island, Donington, Tour Auto.


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