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Interview: John Surtees – Ed McDonough revisits several interviews with John Surtees to reveal his thoughts on driving for Ferrari.

Profile: Free Spirit – Mike Jiggle explores the former Team Surtees 1966 Lola T70, a car that both complimented, and nearly ended, Surtees’ racing career.

Feature: John Surtees – Ian Wagstaff reviews the career accomplishments of a singularly talented, multi-faceted man.

Heroes: Bob Wollek – Robert Newman remembers the brilliant Alsatian who enjoyed a legendary career racing sports cars.

Legends Speak: Missing Out on Indy – John Surtees reveals how close he came to racing at Indianapolis in the Lola Graham Hill drove to victory.

Art History: “Figlio del Vento” – Joff Carter captures the essence of John Surtees with a collagic collection of artifactual imagery.

Greatest Racecars: Mercedes-Benz W125 – John Surtees explained why he considered the pre-war Mercedes to be the most impressive car he drove.

Last Lap: Surtees-A personal Appreciation – Howden Ganley discusses his relationship with the 1964 World Champion and how it guided his career.

First Turn: Moving Time Frame Paradigm

Hidden Treasure: 1927 Ford Model T Roadster

Market Guide: Over 2-Liter GT

Photo Galleries: Sebring, Fernandina Beach, Goodwood, Sears Point, Long Beach, Famoso.


By Design: The Groundbreaking 240Z

Profile: 1972 Iso Lele – Refrigerators, motorcycles, microcars, sports coupes – all connected in a forgotten Italian marque.

Interview: Mike Tillson – Collector, Enthusiast, Racer & Founder of Radnor Hunt Concours

Feature: Henry Ford – Henry Ford and the Automotive Golden Jubilee

Driven: 1959 BMW Isetta 300

Photo Gallery: London Classic Car Show, Revolution de L’Auto, Citroën Exhibit at Mullen Museum, Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

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