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Interview: Andy Wallace – Mike Jiggle discusses the requirements for victory at Le Mans and elsewhere with one of endurance racing’s most accomplished practitioners.

Profile: Road Racer – Ed McDonough makes a banzai run through London;’s Hyde Park behind the wheel of one of the first Austin-Healeys to carry the company’s banner at Le Mans and the Mille Miglia.

Feature: A Coke and a Smile – Willem Oosthoek tells the story of J. Frank Harrison, one of the sportsmen who helped bring professionalism to sports car racing’s early days.

Fast Lines: Man? Or Machine? – Pete Lyons ponders which is the most important factor in the competition equation.

Heroes: Hans Stuck – Robert Newman recalls the accomplishments of one of Germany’s greatest racing heroes.

Legends Speak: First Time Winner – Anatoly Arutunoff reveals the effort and emotions invested in his very first race victory.

Art History: Frank Gardner OAM – Brian Caldersmith portrays a sampling of the cars Aussie great Frank Gardner drove during his career.

Hot Laps: New Jersey Lightning – Skip Barber instructor Walter Irvine shows us the fast way around New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Turn 7, on the Lightning Circuit.

Fabulous Fifties: Remembering Sam – Art Evans remembers the man everyone else knew as the champion racing driver Sam Hanks.

Greatest Racecars: Martini Porsche 917LH – Gerard Larrousse discusses the machine that brought him both success and a lasting impression.

Last Laps: The Works – Mike Lawrence explores the evolution of a racecar manufacturer’s “Works” and how it can influence their future.

First Turn: Shifting Times

Hidden Treasure: 1955 Kurtis 500KK

Market Guide: Formula One, 3-Liter

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