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Profile: Miller Time – Casey Annis steps back into Indy history when he gets behind the wheel of Mauri Rose’s 1936 AAA Championship-winning Miller.

Interview: Roger Ward – In the first of a two-part interview, Casey Annis speaks with the two-time Indy 500 Champion about his oval and road racing career.

Feature: Captain’s Dynasty -John Oreovicz examines one of the most successful race teams in Indy and Champ Car history – Team Penske.

Fast Lines: Missing Ascari at Indy – Pete Lyons laments not joining his father to watch Alberto Ascari and Ferrari attack the brickyard in 1952.

Stirling Speaks: Great Drivers – Sir Stirling Moss sizes up the modern Schumachers and Sennas to his “gold” standard-Juan Manuel Fangio.

Art History: “Iron Men in Steel Cars” – Wally Thomason conjures an image of the Indy roadster’s heyday.

Last Lap: A Grumpy Pedant Writes – Resident curmudgeon Mike Lawrence reveals what the Mille Miglia was really about-free tires and impressing the ladies.

First Turn: Hail Britania

Photo Gallery: Sebring, Willow Springs, VSRG

Market Guide: F2/Atlantic/FB

Product Review: The Legendary 2.3

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