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Interview: A. J. Foyt – John Zimmermann talks with the legendary Texan about his life and times at Indianapolis as he became the first four-time winner of the 500-mile race.

Profile: 1990 Penske PC19-Ilmor Chevrolet – Ed McDonough test drives the model that captured the 1990 Indy 500 pole and comes away impressed with both the car’s elegant design and its incredible performance.

Feature: Overseas Influence – John Zimmermann charts the participation of European automakers at Indianapolis, including the two eras the 500 was part of a World Championship.

Fast Lines: Peugeot’s Sweet 16 – Pete Lyons investigates the origins of the DOHC four-cam engine that became the universal design standard.

Heroes: Eddie Rickenbacker – Robert Newman illuminates the multi-faceted life of the auto racer, combat ace, track owner, airline president….

Legends Speak: Winning the 505 – Adrian Reynard reflects on winning history’s longest Indianapolis 500 on his company’s second attempt.

Art History: “Sebring Triumph” – Andrew Adams portrays Truimph’s first factory entry in the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring with a freshly built TR4.

The Golden Age: Parnelli Jones – Art Evans looks back upon the wide-ranging racing career of a true all-American hero.

Greatest Racecars: 1991 Penske PC20-Ilmor – Rick Mears remembers the car in which he scored his record-matching fourth Indianapolis 500 victory.

Last Lap: The Glitz of Indy – Mike Lawrence considers the fact that motor racing tends to thrive in countries with an industrial identity.

First Turn: Speedway Boulevard

Hidden Treasure: 1967 Curtis-Chevy Indycar

Market Guide: Formula Junior

Photo Galleries: Eastern Creek, RAC Rally, Autosport Show, Monte Carlo Rally, Retromobile, Palm Beach, Chuckwalla

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