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  1. I raced against Scooter Patrick in 1971 in the Mexico 1000 in Monterrey, along with my co-driver Paul Piper. We were running a 1098cc Mini against his U2 911. He was co-driving with a California couple if memory serves.

    My strongest memory was being passed by Patrick and another 911 just a few minutes (lap or two) from end of 1000K. They were side by side and seemed to be banging off each other as they overtook me, fighting tooth and nail! I was going down a short straight and didn’t know where to go, so just kept going down middle of track.

    One 911 passed me on left side and the other on the right, meeting side by side in front of me, seemingly banging off each other. I remember yelling “Are you two f****g crazy? The race is almost over!” It turned out they were fighting for 1st place in class after 1000K! Heck, I was just trying to finish and get enough laps done to qualify.

    Watching Scooter and the other 911s pass me for 6.5 hours got me to buy, build and race a 911 a couple years later. Loved the sound of that flat 6.

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