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  2. I attended the races on Saturday, and was thrilled to be the passenger in Shelly Clarke’s yellow Alfa Romeo GTV race car.
    I have a blue Spider Veloce as my daily driver, and to hear her rev that snarling 1750 to 6 grand shift after shift, flinging it through the corners with aggression, made my old heart race.
    Me hanginging on to the roll cage white knuckled as I recall.
    I too drove, in my Spider for 5 laps at noon, following that pristine little old blue Civic. The one with the fat tires, alloy rims, and a modern Honda engine with a turbo.
    No wonder he pulled me down the straight !
    A vintage Honda Civic Sleeper.
    I had a swell time, and it’s my 4th vintage event visit.
    Don Jamieson
    VancoUver Island

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