1. I remember this incident as it was the year I began vintage racing. Wow! What a wake-up call.

    The Historic Trans Am group (HTA) is a stand-alone vintage race group that is now increasingly invited to race in support races with the Verizon Indy Car events and the current professional Trans Am series. We earned these invitations due to our strict observance to car authenticity and extremely strict driving standards. The cars are all very similar in capacity, but the drivers are all different, including current and former racecar drivers. Not that we don’t have accidents, but they are far and few in between.

    Everybody runs as hard as their abilities allow, but we always reinforce and repeat that “there is nothing to win…no money, no trophy, not even a piece of paper”. We run as a family and as friends and we have a great time doing what we love. The bonus is the fans that truly appreciate the “real, authenticated” Trans Am cars. And of course the cars have real financial value.

    Some vintage racers, i.e. Group 6, criticize our mutual cooperation, but we consider ourselves to be lucky to be in this group.

    Watch this well-done video and decide who you think “jumped the green flag” and decide what you’d rather do…go home bragging or go home with a worthless hunk of metal.

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